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Good Life Garden Kids' Camp:
Kids, Farms and Food

The Good Life Garden’s summer camp will tap into consumers’ ever-growing interest in all things organic, sustainable, and handcrafted with their concerns about their kids’ eating habits and over-reliance on technological entertainment. This is an opportunity to educate children the “Slow” way, by introducing them to farms, farmers, great food, and hands-on cooking instruction.

This one-week summer camp, offered two times a summer, will take a group of 28 children, ages 9-13, on field trips to local farms to see, pick and taste produce, talk to farmers, and learn the benefits of eating locally-grown food. Part of the week will be spent with chef instructors in the RMI teaching kitchens, where they will learn basic cooking techniques and will prepare kid-friendly items such as pizzas, salads, pastas, sandwiches, ice cream and pies to be eaten for lunch and to be shared later with family members. A portion of each day will simply be spent in the RMI Good Life Garden, playing games, working in the garden and participating in art projects related to good health and good living.

For more details about the Kids' Camp, please visit UC Davis Campus Recreation website.

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For more information, contact Kira O'Donnell, event coordinator, 530.681.6412; kdodonnell@ucdavis.edu