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Abundant in the summer in all shapes and colors, tomatoes contain a red pigment called lycopene. Studies show this pigment is a potent cancer fighter and regular consumption of tomatoes and products such as tomato sauce may help lower prostate cancer risk.

Get Involved

Become a volunteer and help plant, maintain and harvest our Good Life Garden. Whether you want to learn about gardening, or share your know-how with others, our volunteer program is perfect for those wanting to get involved. Email us.


We hope to soon begin our Friends of the Good Life Garden membership program, but have been too busy organizing events to support the garden!

We want to make sure that we have the resources to provide a membership program that is worthy of your participation! So please check back soon for more information, or, if you haven't already, sign up to receive news and updates about the UC Davis Good Life Garden by filling in your name and email adddress in the boxes on the lower right hand corner of this page!

As of right now, the only members we have attended our first event back in September called Growing Our Food. If you attended this event then you are eligible to receive discounts to the majority of our 2009 Good Life Garden events!