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Good Life Garden is proud to partner with professionals in the field of food science and nutrition. Get to know our resident experts:

Food Studies

Betty J. Burri, Research Scientist, Assoc Adj Prof

In past research Dr. Burri has established that carotenoid reduction decreases antioxidant activity in humans, and that low concentrations of beta-carotene bring this activity back to normal. Dr. Burri is currently defining the role of carotenoids in human health, with a focus on understanding the metabolic and physiological roles of beta-cryptoxanthin, lycopene, and beta-carotene.

Andrew J. Clifford, Research Scientist, Professor

Dr. Clifford is researching the nutritional affect of vitamin A and Beta-carotene on humans, as well as the folate patterns in food and the body's ability to absorb it.

Marjorie J. Haskell, Assistant Research Nutritionist

Chasing after studies currently underway in Bangladesh and Nepal, Dr. Haskell is studying the body's ability to absorb vitamin A from plant based diets.

Ken Giles, Professor

Professor Giles is researching various ways to improve spray applications which include: agricultural pest control, fertilizing operations, industrial coating and drying operations, consumer product spraying and control of insect vectors and human disease. A major focus of his research program is the development of new technology to reduce human exposure to irritants and contaminants and to reduce the release of hazardous chemicals into the environment. Additionally, the replacement of conventional pesticide chemicals with reduced-risk or non-chemical control strategies is a goal for many of the research projects in his laboratory.

James F. Thompson, Extension Agricultural Engineer

Although Thompson's main focus is on the postharvest handling of agricultural commodities, his field research and extension programs focus in: pre-cooling, storage, transportation and packaging of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. As well as the drying and storage of nuts, fruits, and grains. In these areas Thompson works on energy conservation strategies and alternate energy sources for agriculture.

Herbert B. Scher, Research Engineer

One of Dr. Scher's research projects focuses on the reduction of fines during the spray process and during rebound from surfaces for agricultural and consumer products. Fines or particulates from agricultural sprays can drift into adjacent fields resulting in pesticide losses and inhalation of these sprays can have toxic or allergenic effects. Dr Scher works to reduce fines by adding low levels of specific high molecular weight polymers to the product formulation, in hopes that the spray will stick better to the plant.

Martia Cantwell, Post Harvest Specialist in CE

Cantwell focuses her research on postharvest physiology, handling, and storage of vegetables, including specialty and fresh cut vegetables.

Steven Fennimore, Associate Specialist in CE

In conjunction with growers, commodity organizations, Extension Farm Advisors, Extension Specialist, USDA_ARS Researchers and Pest Control Advisors, Fennimore is conducting research so maximize the value of currently available weed management tools in vegetable crops and strawberries. Fennimore's research consists of soil seedbank ecology, weed ecology and weed management.

Davis R. Michael, Professor of Plant Pathology and Cooperative Extension Specialist
rmdavis@ucdavis.edu groups.ucanr.org/midedavislab

Michael works with a team to study the epidemiology and control of diseases of vegetable and field crops with a primary focus on those caused by fungal and bacterial pathogens.

Krishna Subbarao, Plant Pathologist and Cooperative Extension Specialist

Dr. Subbarao's primary research interests are in ecology and epidemiology of soil and airborne pathogens of cool-season vegetable crops.

Tim Kurtz, CE Vegetable Crops Specialist

Kurtz is continually focused on improving the management regimes for commercial vegetable production, and cultural practices fro warm-season vegetable crops.

Stephen Kaffka, Assistant CE Agronomist VI and Lecturer

Kaffka is studying ways to improve the efficiency of producing as well as reducing the environmental impact of producing sugar beets and safflower.

Vincent Rubatzky, Emeritus CE Vegetable Specialist
verubatzky@ucdavis.edu http://ucanr.org/results.cfm

Rubatzky specializes in cultural procedures for cool season vegetable crop production.

Ronald Voss, Emeritus Extension Vegetable Specialist

Voss's focus is on home gardening, small farms, sustainable agriculture, and specialty crops.