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Abundant in the summer in all shapes and colors, tomatoes contain a red pigment called lycopene. Studies show this pigment is a potent cancer fighter and regular consumption of tomatoes and products such as tomato sauce may help lower prostate cancer risk.

In Season

The Good Life Garden aims to educate the public on how to buy and plant seasonal vegetables for the best taste and highest nutritional content. Each season the garden's planting list will be available online along with information on how to grow, harvest, buy, and cook the various plants, herbs, and fruits found in the garden.

Gardening along with Arlene

Not sure what to plant this season? Download our Fall/Winter Garden plan especially for the home gardener. The 11'x12' plot will feature seasonal favorites as well as companion plants like calendula and garlic chives, proven to organically help your garden flourish. 

Visit our website and our blog for regular updates as we follow our gardener, Arlene Kennedy, throughout the season as she shares helpful tips and the trials and tribulations of having an edible home garden.

Listed below you can find all of the how-to information you need to get started. Visit the site regularly to get frequent updates and information to help you every step of the way.

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Issue 1

Download PDFWinter Planting Plan

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Issue 2

Download PDFSoil Amendments: Preparing your space

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Issue 3

Download PDFTomato staking and pruning