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Cucurbita pepo

In History

Pumpkin is derived from the Greek word for melon- "pepon" meaning cooked by the sun. In French the name is potiron, which means large mushroom.

Historians believe the name pumpkin first appeared right before the story of Cinderella was written.


Growing Tips:
Pumpkins prefer a sunny area in rich, moist soil with plenty of compost. Consider using black plastic mulching as it will suppress weeds, retain moisture and protect the fruit from rotting.

Harvesting Tips:
Must be brought indoors before the first frost so harvest in late summer or fall.

Why It's Good for You

Eating winter squash and pumpkin is believed to reduce the risk of cancer. Pumpkin seeds are also very healthy as they can have as much as 35 percent protein!


Pest Management

Keep an eye out for aphids, powdery mildew, and slugs!