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love lies bleeding
Amaranthus caudatus

Love Lies Bleeding is known for its graceful rope of cascading deep red, lavish plumes that attract butterflies.

elephant head amaranth
Amaranthus gangeticus

Large, deep red blooms evoke images of elephants' trunks reaching to the sky. This unusual flower survives today because of German immigrants and the seed collector Frances Hoffman.

Hopi red dye amaranth
Amaranthus cruentus x A.powelli
4-6 ft. Tender Annual/Reseeding

Deep red 4"-8" leaves add colorful contrast to salad mixes. Young plants make nutritious steamed greens. Tips can also be cut as additions to a mix.


Growing Tips:
Amaranth are grown from seed. They can be directly seeded into your flower garden or started indoors.

Did You Know

A single mature amaranth bush can produce 40,000-60,000 seeds!