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Arugula, 'Sputnik'
Eruca vesicariavar.sativa

An 8-10" plant, the Sputnik variety of arugula is mild-flavored and very fast growing. Bred by John Navazio, it has a wide diversity of leaf shapes ranging from smooth and strappy to finely cut and lobed leaves. Ideal for bunching.

Brassica juncea

This tender green only arrived to the United States from Japan in the 1970’s. Try adding its feather-like leaves to your next stir-fry to give a slightly peppery edge. It also comes packed with indoles, known to help inhibit tumor growth.

Chrysanthemum coronarium

Also known as chrysanthemum greens, shungiku produces attractive edible leaves and adds bright colors to your garden with its orange, cream, and yellow flowers that are also edible. The tender greens have a unique and zesty flavor. Harvest at 4-6 inches for fresh use or braising. Lovely 1-3 inch flowers make a nice addition to mixed salad greens, or can be used as an edible garnish.