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Crimson Clover

Trifolium incarnatum

In Our Garden

Crimson clover is planted in the garden as a cover crop. Cover crops are an essential part of any vegetable garden because they act as a balancing agent, returning to the soil what was lost during harvest by converting air and sun into organic matter. This is a way of using plants to feed the soil through decomposition as opposed to growth for human consumption.

When cover crops are in full flower they are turned back into the soil, improving soil tilth with their micro-nutrients.

We have chosen crimson clover as a cover crop for the Good Life Garden to perform a number of different tasks:

1. Produce nitrogen which helps bring a natural balance back to the soil post harvest.

2. Prevent soil erosion by inhibiting soil run-off or baking.

3. Add organic matter back to the soil.

4. Attract beneficial insects which help control unwanted pest populations and aid in pollination.