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Calendula officinalis

In Our Garden

Calendula is an edible flower that also goes by the name of souci, marybud, bulls eye, garden marigold, holligold, pot marigold, and common marigold.

Bon Bon Orange
A good pot marigold, this variety of flower includes apricot, yellow and orange petals.

In History

Its name comes from the Latin calendae, meaning “the first day of the month.”


Growing Tips:
Marigolds are excellent container plants and are very tolerant of any soil that is not too wet. It self-seeds prolifically but never becomes invasive.

Thanks to the agreeable climate of the Central Valley, this flower brings lasting color to your garden from late fall until early spring.

Did You Know

Calendula has antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties, and was used during the Civil War by doctors to treat open wounds.