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Thymus vulgaris

In Our Garden

There are many different types of thyme --- 60-70 species of the tiny-leaf Mediterranean varieties and just as many (if not more) of the common thyme, which is planted in the Good Life Garden.

Elfin thyme Thymus praecox 'Elfin'

Mainly ornamental, this variety has diminutive and evergreen leaves. It provides a nice groundcover and has tiny purple flowers.

lemon thyme Thymus x citriodorus

Lemon thyme is a hardy evergreen perennial that works excellently for culinary uses – especially with chicken and fish.

In History

As an ancient herb, it was used by Egyptians as oil for embalming, by the Greeks in the baths and as incense, by the Romans to purify rooms, and by people in the Middle Ages as part of rituals to see fairies and to purify the odors of disease.

Why It's Good for You

A member of the mint family, thyme contains the powerful chemical thymol which has anti-microbial properties and is often used in toothpaste and mouthwashes.