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This event is SOLD OUT. However, there are still spaces available in the second Backyard Edible Gardening Seminar focusing on fruits, nuts and berries.
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Backyard Edible Gardening: Growing a Successful Vegetable Garden

Interest in the establishment of backyard edible gardens has increased significantly as food and gasoline prices skyrocket and consumers become increasingly concerned about food safety, freshness and quality. A rising demand for organic produce and honest, home-grown flavors are also important contributing factors in the backyard gardening movement. All these elements, notes Charlie Nardozzi, senior horticulturist at the National Gardening Association in Burlington, Vermont, are setting the stage for “a perfect storm for vegetable gardening.”

Gardening organizations, seed wholesalers, and local nurseries are all reporting hikes in the number of consumers purchasing vegetable seeds and starter plants and trees. But do consumers have the information they need to establish a functioning and successful garden? The UC Davis Good Life Garden will offer two in-depth seminars, designed as an overview on how to establish, maintain, and utilize the many benefits of a productive backyard edible garden.

This in-depth class will focus on growing vegetables successfully all year. Subjects addressed include:

•  planning your garden
•  vegetable varieties
•  the importance of climate
•  seed saving
•  when and how to plant
•  pest and weed management
•  harvesting and storage

Participants should have a basic working knowledge of growing a garden with a desire to learn how to create a highly productive garden.

For more information, contact Kira O'Donnell, event coordinator, 530.681.6412; kdodonnell@ucdavis.edu

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A huge thank you to Whole Foods Market for providing the seasonal box lunches for this event!